Monitor, 2' 41'', sound

The video shows footage of a journey through a flat and almost unchanging landscape, which one can find in Flanders, Mecklenburg or Pomerania. The landscape has been artificially darkened, enveloped in a blue evening light; the images are accompanied by a strange music. Individual lines of a song text pass through the screen; there is no singing voice. Between the lines, the images of the journey are sometimes interrupted: the eyes are closed.

The song text for Arrival&Departure, a sort of pastiche of common English song material, was written by the artist himself: „prepare your heart“, „no pictures to compare“, „a step forward doesn’t mean you’ll understand“. The meaningless text fragments follow music played backwards. They pass through the images of the monotonous journey; nothing can be held onto. Artist Sladjan Nedeljkovic calls this short video film "an opaque voyage". A film which leaves the viewer with an indeterminate feeling: "no words to describe this state".

Excerpt from the script