Video projection, 5' 37", sound

This short film features various excerpts from everyday life in and around Berlin's Gipsstrasse: rain drops sliding down window panes, the sun setting over roofs, people in a courtyard. The first scene, which shows a film set along with a movie theatre's red sign on a building, gives the piece its title. However, the short film is no film industry-type "making-of". Here, filming a film location, the scene of a scene, is rather used as an opportunity to reflect upon what makes a location a film location.

A specific angle? A special atmosphere? Or perhaps even a melancholy feeling? The short film with no soundtrack – only, in the background, the constant buzzing of a film projector – raises these questions unobtrusively, but with clear visual input: dialogue fragments, which may have accompanied the artist during the shooting, are left in the form of text traces at the bottom of the screen. What is it they are shooting? - that is the main question.