Bamboo, camouflage net, pigments

The installation Untitled (in_visible II) was created on site for the exhibition Poesie der Auflösung at Kunstraum Tosterglope, Germany. Using a light green coloured camouflage net, the artist set up an observation space in a field near the road leading to the exhibition space. It was installed during June, thus perfectly blended into the leafy natural green environment. Depending on the weather or time of the day it became more or less visible.
The installation's direct relation to an art show is not obvious at first sight. So, we feel both intrigued and a sense of unease when passing: What is it and what is its purpose? Will it be used for hunting? Will anyone dare to make use of it in a playful way? Maybe hide inside, to observe the surroundings? The random passer-by, the art show visitor or the local children?
As in many of his participatory and site-specific installations, Nedeljkovic turns around the perspective towards the viewer, who becomes self-aware of his position and behaviour in our daily environment. Behind the camouflage net, viewers found a place of retreat and simultaneously assumed an almost voyeuristic position. They were able to observe their surroundings while possibly remainig unnoticed: to watch without being seen?

Photo: Thomas Keller