24 drawings 21 x 29 cm, pencil on paper

Interview is centered around a conversation between a reporter and a group of immigrants. In this multi-part work, Sladjan Nedeljkovic differentiates between the pictorial and textual elements in such a way that the snapshot-like drawings, some of which are set at an angle to the paper, depict the gaze of the reporter, her cameraman or the interviewee. Each sheet focuses on the position of a single speaker, and questions, answers and comments appear as subtext beneath the pictures. The absence of text signifies a pause in the conversation.

On the visual level, the pictures are less easy to place. The view of the ashtray or the perception of details in the apartment can be attributed to both sides. It is this incongruity that lends the visual narrative a certain arrhythmic quality and transforms the linear sequence into a continuous movement of overlapping forward and backward jumps. Above all, this evokes the experience of a conversation, the attempt to precisely define a certain object and imagine it within a given context, to get close to one's counterpart without going too far.

View of the exhibition at Museum Burg Zug, 2017