MOVIES, 2011
60 drawings, 21 x 29,7 cm each, pencil on paper

How do visual and linguistic elements interact in a picture? And how does a narrative emerge from combinations of pictures and texts in sequence? Sladjan Nedeljkovic has been investigating these questions for years, and to date his primary focus has been images from the media, or "prefabricated" imagery. Likewise, the group of works entitled Movies, each of which consists of a sequence of five sheets of paper, is based on photographs. However, these also include some of Nedeljkovic's own photographs, which he translates into neatly distilled pencil drawings.

While the short sentences, some of which extend across several sheets, exhibit a certain appellative quality and evoke specific experiences or thoughts, the drawings, on the other hand, tend to convey ordinary and almost incidental observations. These combinations of pictures and text are each accentuated by frames that call to mind associations with movie theater screens or videos in letterbox format. In sequence, the drawings are reminiscent of storyboards that are ultimately combined into a kind of film or visual narrative in the mind of the viewer, thus taking on individual characteristics.

View of the exhibition at Billing Bild Gallery, Baar, 2012