Paper rolls / offset prints 21 x 32 cm

A strange map covers the floor of the exhibition space. Rolls of black paper, with red on the inside, are used to depict fictitious regions. The piece is entitled "New Order," and it raises the question of which new principles determine the structure of today's world. What is clear is that these principles are not of a geographic or an informative nature. The continents' outlines that can be made out obviously do not conform to the ones we are familiar with. A new system of information is revealed and becomes associated with the writing that appears on the inside of each roll of paper, "RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT DECISIONS." This slogan suggests that a particular order may be upheld at a certain point in time, under favorable conditions. With respect to the map, however, the slogan also appears to address the fact that certain mistakes must be covered up. As an artist, Nedelkovic distrusts cartographic measurements as much as the plain statements on which world order is founded.