View of the exhibition

Swiss artist Sladjan Nedeljkovic concludes the exhibition series 2011 with an installation that deals with concepts of vision, observation, and surveillance. The exhibition, conceived especially for the pavilion, seeks to come to terms with the existing architecture and its immediate surroundings. Inspired by control towers and observation platforms, the artist has created a polyvalent architectonic structure, which he has entitled Observatory.

But exactly what kind of structure is this? Is it exhibition display? Design? A workstation? A surveillance system?

The ultimate significance of this artistic configuration can only be arrived at through the perceptions of spectators and passersby - their contingent views through the display window and their diverse per- spectives when circumambulating interior and exterior. In the spirit of Serendipity, viewers are enjoined to interactwith the display object in a participatory manner.

MDF boards, neon lights, steel chains, book, newspaper, black plexiglass, radio
Photos: Karsten Huth, Berlin