Offset prints 21 x 32 cm each, aluminium stars

The word "EVIL," written in capital letters formed from small aluminum foil stars, stretches across the wall. The writing appears against a red background, which is framed by world maps. This red background consists of a great number of offset prints, each of which features the text "RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT DECISIONS." Viewed up close, the maps that frame the work consist of a grid-like, repetitive pattern of white dots on a black background. Every level of the graphic design brings a new textual aspect into play. The word EVIL was taken from a political context. It represents the attempt to create a new world order based on an "axis of evil." Reinforced by the slogan, which lays claim to correct timing and a righteous cause, this word enters into relation with the viewer, who would just as soon prefer to read it backwards – as "live." The multi-layered quality of the text fuses with the ambivalent purpose of posters and images that are displayed on walls in public spaces, which aim to advertise while they also seduce, and provide information while they also make political appeals.

5mm cardboard stars, offset prints 21 x 32 cm

The news world is symbolized by a light-blue disc decorated with star-shaped cut-out newspaper images. The background on which they are mounted consists of a collage of small, light-blue posters. A shadow is printed on each poster, along with the phrase "beyond the borderline..." The paper stars – which feature cut-out newspaper images of eyes and buildings, pictures depicting situations of work and of everyday life – do not give coherent or in any way complete information on what they represent. To gain access to the work, one must realize that such information is not required, and may not even be desirable. The piece's meaning could lie beyond the limits of our understanding and what we are able to decode – in a nutshell, "beyond the borderline…"

UNTITLED (MAP), 2002, o.T. Raum für aktuelle Kunst, Lucerne
offset prints 42 x 60 cm, folded to 21 x 12 cm, box

"Oasis, for those who travel" – the box containing a map does not hide its message to the viewer: Travel is an oasis for present-day nomads, who set out for a fixed period of time to make discoveries, to learn about and understand that which is foreign. The map does not portray landscapes through real, commonly-used symbols, but rather uses its own system of representation, which consists of words and dots. The small box containing a map makes a promise – it is waiting to be opened and have its contents read. The fact that the map is folded up when exhibited attests to the respect that is accorded to the unseen.

View of the exhibition at o.T. Raum für aktuelle Kunst, Lucerne

Back: UNTITLED (EVIL), offset prints 21 x 32 cm,
aluminium stars

Front: UNTITLED (NEWSPAPER STARS), 5 mm cardboard stars,
offset prints 21 x 32 cm each

*Far right: UNTITLED (MAP), offset prints 42 x 60 cm,
folded to 21 x 12 cm, box containing maps

Click here to read "Politik und individuelles Erleben verknüpft,"
a review of the exhibition by Maria Vogel (in German)