Video projection, 8' 33', loop, sound

During a stay in Lisbon, the artist found a DVD collection in the apartment he rented, with footage of Portugal and its film history. Art house films, music videos and film-history classics were also part of the collection. The perfect living space for the artist, who hardly left the apartment any more, instead viewing the material and creating his own report from filmed scenes and through the commentary of a fictional author. From time to time he came home with a DVD, which he integrated into the existing collection.

Places, Movies, Stories tells a story about the Portuguese capital with scenes from the cultural film archive about Lisbon, accompanied by the author’s off-screen voice. The artist doesn’t use the camera on the street to tell stories about the city, instead staging street scenes from the existing film material and inserting special lighting when filming the films in the apartment. Film is the artist's own zone, which allows mixtures between facts, documentation and his own experiences and judgments. Sladjan Nedeljkovic's cinematic narratives – even if they are close to a documentary narrative – always seem to work in the field of the imaginary.