Video projection, 11' 07'', sound

Our television world is made up of a screen and a remote control, with which we beam various aspects of filmed reality into our living rooms: news, commentaries, torture, medical advice, images of nature, dead bodies, kisses. It is the widespread activity known as zapping which the artist portrays using footage filmed from the small screen. A group of young and conscious media consumers sits in front of the television set, one person is holding the camcorder in her hand, metaphorically producing a reflection of the televised material.

Bits of media theory and criticism flicker at the bottom of the screen throughout the film. The television set is depicted as a machine that never sleeps, a monster which – at least if we believe the teletext flashing through the screen – could coerce us by automatically turning itself on at night, during our sleep. An eerie idea, set within a cozy interior: the common TV as a torture and execution device.