Newsprint, 63 x 93 cm, 24 pieces

The artist created the work Untitled (Repubblica) during a residency in Genoa, Italy. He took a special interest in the Italian daily newspaper Repubblica noticing that on some pages two pictures are "cut apart" and "re-matched" with another cut image when the newspaper is taken apart. This is how football meets economy, showbiz meets politics and advertising meets environmental pollution. Nedeljkovic has collected 24 such "double-images" and presents them in transparent frames purpose-built for this work.

Untitled (Repubblica) mirrors and critically comments on the Italian media landscape. In Italy media was strongly controlled by Silvio Berlusconi, head of government and party leader of the strongest political force. At the same time, he was the owner of a major Italian football club and the biggest media entrepreneur in the country, which certainly led to a conflict of interests. Many images from the series Untitled (Repubblica) remind us how Berlusconi over the years of his reign used this monopoly of power, to manipulatively mobilize a large proportion of the population in his favour.

Zeitungspapier, 63 x 93 cm, 24-teilig

View of the exhibition Seeing Is (Not) Believing at The National Museum in Szczecin - Museum of contemporary Art, 2022
Photos: Michal Wojtarowicz | The National Museum in Szczecin