24 drawings 21 x 29 cm, pencil on paper

Where Is Home was created in London, where Sladjan Nedeljkovic received a studio scholarship in 2011. The social, societal and cultural amalgam of the city and the East End in particular, which is not only a traditional immigrant district, but also a creative hotspot is the reservoir from which Nedeljkovic draws this group of works. The texts are based on excerpts of interviews and conversations with an Indian female songwriter, and they focus on questions of (multi)cultural identity, migration and globalization.

Combined with drawings that depict everyday observations as well as personal moments, these works make up a multifaceted account that exhibits both journalistic and documentary characteristics as well as filmic and narrative ones. They form a loose weave of isolated moments that reveal a series of connections in sequence without telling a predetermined story. Even without the corresponding punctuation mark in the title, this work implies a question to which, however, neither the artist nor his protagonists (can) provide an answer; rather, the work circles around this thematic complex and invites the viewer to reconsider his or her own position.

View of the exhibition, Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin