ZONE, 2002
Video installation, 7' 30", monitors, sound

"I'm in the zone ... you know ... there’s no logic here...." Three videos on three monitors portray different concepts of zones – a car driving along a road at sunset; the up and down swinging motion of a power cable strung between two masts; a vast industrial shed; and a burned-out house with soot-covered walls, furniture, and appliances. An off-camera female voice is relaying information from the zone to the viewer. Regardless of this information’s plausibility, the voice is commenting more on its feelings than on what can be seen there.

The zone remains incomprehensible because it comprises both internal and external space. In addition to devestation and faded memories, the zone evokes a lack of understanding, i.e., actions that cannot be understood when they are reported. Every sentence has its own poetic ring and is grounded in itself. These messages about nothing are addressed to no one.

Excerpt from the script

Insaissisable univers, text by Maryline Billod
for the exhibition at Piano Nobile (in French)